Outdoor Sport Driving Myopia Sunglasses



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Outdoor Sport Driving Myopia Sunglasses Men Polarized Fashion Anti-Glare Windbreak Prescription Sun Glasses
Please confirm before buying:

“+” Mean: Magnifying/Hyperopia/Prebyopia/Farsighted, Suitable for 40-80 Years Old PeopleLook Near

“-” Mean: Nearsighted/Short-sight/Minus Glasses,For Students Look Far

Don’t buying Wrong. it is very important !!!

For Example :

If you need Hyperopia +1.5 , Please order +150 or Reading Plus150

If you need Short-sight -1.5, , Please Order Myopia -1.5

Function :Myopia Sunglasses

Standard Sunglasses  :-0.5to -6.0 , PD 65mm

Different Degree Can Customized Different Degree


Right (OD): Sphere:(-0.5~-6.0)

Left    (OS): Sphere:(-0.5~-6.0)


If you want custom astigmatism(-0.5~-2.0) or PD(50~65mm or 76~90mm)

You can choose custom Prescription

Custom Prescription Information

Right sph:(-0.5~-6.0) astigmatism:(-0.5~-2.0) axis:(0~180)

Left    sph:(-0.5~-6.0) astigmatism:(-0.5~-2.0) axis:(0~180)

Pupil Distance PD (40~80)


Right (OD): Sphere______ Cyl______ Axis______

Left     (OS): Sphere______ Cyl______ Axis______

PD: ______mm

Custom Prescription Leave message for two eyes degree Left and right 0/-0.50/-0.75/-1.0/-1.25/-1.5/-1.75/-2.0/-2.25/-2.5/-2.75/-3.0/-3.25/-3.5/-3.75/-4.0/-6.0


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