LED Smart Ceiling Light 200W 300W Bluetooth


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LED Smart Ceiling Light 200W 300W Bluetooth Bedroom Lamp Dimmable RGB Living Room Indoor Decorative Chandeliers Bulb 100-240V

High Quality Smart RGB Ceiling Light

Warranty for 2 years!!!

LED Smart Ceiling Light 200W 300W Bluetooth

As long as the product isn’t man-made damaged, send it back. We will check and verify if it’s natural damaged. Our product has two-year warranty.


Product name: Smart RGB Ceiling Light

Voltage: 100-240V

LED type: SMD2835 + RGB5050

Luminous efficiency: 200W / 300W

Power consumption: 20W±5% / 30W±5%

Lamp beads: 49leds / 68leds

Color temperature: 3000K+6000K+RGB

Lifespan: 50000 hours

Housing material: Acrylic

Wiring method: Two-wire input

Color rendering index: 80+

Product size: 260*70mm / 335*70mm

Function: APP control(Bluetooth) / IR remote control / Music rhythm


*High Efficiency Chips: This product adopts high quality SMD2835+RGB5050 chips. The high-quality Acrylic housing has impact resistance, safety and stability. The light also saves 80% of your energy as compared to traditional Halogen lamps. Lighten up your atmosphere with our light!

*Efficient Heat Dissipation: The high-performance Acrylic adopts efficiency heat dissipation design, which is conducive to the discharge of heat. Thereby effectively improving the heat conduction. There is a heat dissipation hole on the back of the lamp, which greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency of the lamp, so that the lamp life is as high as 50,000 hours, eliminating the trouble of frequent slideshows, not only saving time but also saving costs.

*High Light Transmittance Lampshade: Without affecting the light transmittance, make the light softer and not dazzling.

*Bluetooth Control: Scan the QR code on the manual with the mobile phone, download the corresponding mobile APP, and then open the Bluetooth connection. After connection, you can control the lamps and lanterns through the APP. Slide the color palette to adjust a variety of colors, up to 256 colors, and the mobile phone shakes Color can be switched with one shake, brightness and color temperature can be adjusted at will, and 12 dynamic modes, with timing function, music rhythm function, switch music mode arbitrarily.

*IR Remote Control: You can arbitrarily adjust the color, color temperature, mode, brightness, music, volume through the remote controller.

*Memory Mode: Power-off memory, the ceiling light can memory the last color or mode we use.

*Safe and Stable: Impact resistance, strong shock resistance, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, no harm to the human body, no radiation.

*Environmental Protection: Green and environmentally friendly, no pollution elements such as lead and mercury, no pollution to the environment.

*Installation Method: Use mounting screws and expansion tubes to fix the lamp where it needs to be installed, then connect the power cord, and it can be used after power on, which is very simple and convenient.


Our light can be used bedroom, living room, foyer room, dining room, bathroom, utility room, kitchen, corridor, balcony, attic, basement, etc.

Product accessories:

Smart RGB Ceiling Light x1pcs

Mounting screw x3pcs

Expansion tube x3pcs

Remote controller x1pcs(not include batteries)



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