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5 Pairs/Lot High Quality Bamboo Fiber Men’s Five Toe Socks Set Spring Winter Business Black Tabi Short Socks for Male Big Size

Product Description:
Product Name: Five-toe Socks

 Five Toe Socks – Material: Bamboo fiber

Size: One size EU(37-44)

Gender: Men/Woman

Color:Black, White, Light gray,Dark gray,Navy blue

Packing: 5 Pairs Socks

Five toes socks function:

1. The Five-toed socks can not only meet the needs of warmth, comfort and fashion, but also have the function of health care.Separating the toes can prevent bacterial infection.

2. The biggest advantage of wearing Five-toed socks is that the socks will absorb the sweat between your toes, separate your five toes, keep your feet dry, and effectively prevent foot odor and athlete’s foot;

3. Friends with onychomycosis can separate their toes well by wearing Five-toed socks to prevent mutual infection between toes;

4. It can make each toe move freely, reduce the squeezing between the toes, and can correct the toes;

5. Massage the peripheral blood vessels between the toes, increase the blood circulation of the feet, reduce skin thickening, toe lesions and other foot skin diseases;,

6. Five-toed socks can also keep the temperature of the feet all day long.

About color difference: Due to the difference between light and monitor, the color of the product has a slight error.

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