304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Water Faucet



69 / 100

Water filter parts 5 pcs 1/4″ OD Tubing Quick Connector 1/2″ NPT BSP male – Straight fitting for water purifier system 1048

Active carbon filter and PFAS

Water filtration with activated carbon can be a technical solution to remove PFAS. PFAS are deposited on the porous surface of activated carbon, which, together with reverse osmosis, can capture PFAS.


1 meter RO water 1/4″ 3/8 inch OD PE hose CE-RoHS

1/4″ OD PE PIPE for internal and external thread 1/4″

10″ T33 with 2 pcs fittig + active carbon filter CE RoHS 10″

ALTHY 5 micron whole house sediment water filter systemfiltersystem

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