220V 2 in 1 Foldable Treadmill


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220V 2 in 1 Foldable Treadmill 3.0HP Under Desk Electric Treadmill With Remote Control And LED Display Walking Jogging For Home


Exercise can take away a day’s fatigue, release bad emotions, and exercise our bodies. Our folding treadmill can undoubtedly be your emotional support. High-quality PVC, ABS, and steel ensure your smooth sports. 220.46lbs load-bearing capacity and performance can provide you with a more pleasant sports experience and lay the foundation for your good mental state the next day!

Key Features

Sturdy and Durable: PVC, ABS, steel, EVA and painting process make this product strong, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and rust-proof, and can be kept beautiful and practical without frequent replacement.

Enjoy Fitnes: With it, you can enjoy fitness at home freely and are no longer subject to the long commute, traditional equipment, bad weather, expensive costs, judgments of others, the complexity of using products, etc.

Multiple Exercise Modes: You can adjust the speed to achieve different exercises (0.6-6mph), for example, 0.6-1.8mph can achieve a slow walk after meals, 2.5-3.1mph can achieve a brisk walk fitness, over 3.7mph can help jogging to lose weight.

Strong Power: It adopts pure copper silent motor with a continuous output horsepower of 0.6hp and a maximum horsepower of 3.0hp, low energy consumption, and low noise (below 40 db), which can provide you with enough power to make your running or slow walking more smooth without affecting other people.

Powerful load-bearing Capacity: The solid material, firm track, thickened support frame, and stable structure provide the product with an excellent load-bearing capacity of 220.46 pounds, making it suitable for most people.

Smart Life: The LED display screen on the body clearly shows time, speed, distance, and calories, monitoring your exercise data in real-time. The remote control allows you to easily adjust the speed without bending over.

Safety and Comfort: The six-drive lateral shock absorption function, buffer columns and multiple cooling holes can reduce the product temperature in time to avoid safety accidents and effectively protect your knees, back, joints, muscles, and ankles from impact, in addition, the widened 19.68-inch running belt can also bring you a safer and happier running experience.

Protective Packaging: The foam can better protect your product during transportation, so that it can be delivered to you completely to the greatest extent.

Easy to Clean: The smooth surface allows you to clean directly with a towel and water.

Convenient Storage: The foldable design of the armrest and thin body thickness (7.87inch) allow you to easily put it under your bed, under the sofa, under the TV cabinet, or behind the door. When you lay it flat it only takes up 0.6 square meters of space.

Ideal Gift: You can give it as a gift to your workout-loving friends, family, or co-workers on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthdays.


Practical Rollers: The 2 rollers on the bottom which makes it convenient for you to move the product.

Armrest Bracket: The armrest of the merchandise has a bracket, which is convenient for you to place your cell phone, tablet or book when running or jogging.

Diamond Pattern Running Belt: Diamond pattern running belt looks more beautiful, and has a non-slip effect.

Long Power Cord: It(4.92ft) reduces the limit of use and further protects your safety.


It can be widely used in homes, gyms, offices, etc., and is suitable for jogging, brisk walking, or even slow walking for adults, teenagers, and even the elderly.


Material: PVC, ABS, Steel, EVA

Surface Treatment: Paint Spraying

Color: Pink

Shape: Rectangular

Mounting Type: Floor-standing

Screen Type: LED (Time, Speed, Distance, Calories)

Power Source: Corded Electric

Driving Force: Electric

Whether Foldable: Yes

Whether Shock Absorption: Yes

Assembly Required: Yes

Motor Type: Pure Copper Silent Motor

Plug Type: EU Standard

Voltage: 220V

Horsepower: 3.0hp(Peak), 0.6hp(Continuous )

Speed: 1-10km/h/0.6-6mph

Noise: Below 40dB

Battery Type: 1 Button Battery(Included)

Handrail Folding Angle: 0-90°

Vibration Value: Less than 0.5mm/s

Capacity of Lubricating Oil: 25ml/1.06oz

Max. Load-bearing Capacity: 100kg/220.46lbs

Gross Weight: 21kg/46.3lbs

Power Cord Length: 1.5m/4.92ft

Package Size: 130*56*14cm/51.18*22.05*5.51inch

Product Size: 50*120cm/19.68*47.24inch

Product Thickness: 20cm/7.87in

Package Included

1* Folding Treadmill

1* Remote Control

1* English Manual

1* Bottle Lubricating Oil

1* Handrail

Other Accessories for Installation


  1. Please don’t touch any moving parts, otherwise, you will squeeze your fingers.
  2. Please note that the slope of this product cannot be adjusted.
  3. When using the remote control, please aim it at the receiving port.
  4. It will stop automatically after half an hour of operation, and then you can open it again to use it. It is recommended that it is best to run a single time after a short interval, while using the need to add lubricants.
  5. Please use it in strict accordance with the instructions and pay attention to the safety precautions inside. After reading, keep this user’s guide in a safe place for future reference.
  6. Please do not place the treadmill on the carpet during use to avoid motor overheating, and please keep it away from children and pets.
  7. Please add lubricating oil frequently to prolong the service life of the treadmill. Please note that lubricating oil cannot be drunk, and please keep it in a shady place that is away from open flames.
  8. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

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